Alligator Energy is focused on Resource Growth and exploration in the Alligator Rivers Uranium Province in Arnhem Land, Northern Territory. The Northern Territory has a long and stable history of uranium mining. Since 1980, mining, production and export of uranium has been undertaken continuously in the Alligator Rivers Uranium Province with over 300Mlb U3O8 exported.

In Arnhem Land, access to land is administered under the Federal Aboriginal Land Rights Act (ALRA) which was legislated in 1976. Under this system the interests of Aboriginal Traditional Owners are represented by the Northern Land Council (NLC). Negotiation for access to land with the Traditional Owners is facilitated by the NLC. Access agreements under this system are conjunctive, that is they are agreements that cover not only the initial exploration licence and exploration activities, but subsequent development and mining phases. Alligator considers the agreements provide not only security of tenure but an established process or pathway to building our social licence through the exploration, development, mining and rehabilitation phases of a project while providing Traditional Owners with security for the protection of cultural sites, environmental protection and participation in  employment, financial and development benefits of future operations.

With over 30 years production history and stable, well established processes for land access, a sound and secure regulatory regime is in place for the development of uranium projects in the region.

Community and Environmental Projects

Alligator looks to assist in local community and Environmental programs with an emphasis on practical participation. Since 2011, the company has supported initiatives of the local Gunbalunya School and assisted Warddeken Land Management with weed control in the region. Warddeken Land Management was formed by Traditional Owners of the region to assist the protection and management of their country, combining traditional ecological knowledge with western management practices. Warddeken rangers work on a variety of projects including weed and feral animal control and traditional fire management. While the company assists with weed control in our project areas, Alligator benefits by being able to tap into the local knowledge of Warddeken and traditional owners on landcare issues.

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